We have landed!

Coloniae 2.0 is here! Coloniae is a website that lets you access a variety of statistics about the game My Colony.
This website has been heavily remade early January. Don't hesitate to make any suggestions!

Player and Colony search

Enter a charter or a colony name in the form on the top right hand corner and see the colony's progress and ranking.
Enter a player name in the form on the top right hand corner to see the corresponding player panel.

Rankings and Tables

Lots of data concerning the colonies on the server. Find out how you compare to the others, and who leads the ranking!

Leaderboards History

Charts of the evolution of the top 10 leaderboard in terms of population and GDP since July 2018.


See the evolution of the GBT prices for the different resources since January 2018 (data available since April 2017), updated every 30 minutes.
See the volume traded on the GBT for each resource with the OHLCV prices.
Compare resources for amiable trading with the new resource converter.
See the current trades on the GBT.